• L1-L6 : Phone lines
  • CFG : Configure : opens configuration window.
  • XFR : Transfer : use to transfer call.
    Blind transfer : press XFR + enter new phone number + press XFR again
    Non-blind transfer : press XFR + press line number
  • HLD : Hold : place call on hold
  • RE : Redial : dials last number dialed
  • AA : Auto Answer mode : automatically answers call
  • AC : Auto Conference mode : automatically places call in conference if used with AA
  • DND : Toggle Do-Not-Disturb mode
  • CNF : Conference mode : toggles call in or out of conference
    All lines that are in conference mode will talk and listen to each other.
    Conferences are created in the phone, independent of your PBX.
    All 6 lines can be placed in conference mode.
  • MTE : Mute : toggle mute
  • REC : Record : records a call
  • VIDEO : Video : Enables video mode for current call
  • SPK : Speaker Mode : toggle speaker mode
    Speaker phone mode is used when your not using a headset. The phone will operate in half-duplex mode. When the inbound audio is over the defined threshold, your mic is muted until the inbound audio is lower that the threshold for the defined delay duration, to avoid feedback (echo).